Late Car Insurance Payment

August 18, 2003

Ok. I’m back up on alert again. My father called me today and reminded me of my late car insurance. Last time I spoke with the people at State Farm they told me that I’m still covered, but I’m not covered by now. My father said that they’ll take my tag away from me for not having car insurance, and so I called the insurance company. Turns out that I need $200 to re-instate my insurance, and it will be $300 to re-instate it after the 23rd of this month. I have $80 to that means I need $120 more. I’m sending my resume out and calling back places I’ve sent the resume to.

My dads pressuring me to take any job I can since I can’t find any computer related work. Its not going to be in my best interest to find a job at Burger King while I’m trying to get into a customer service position making 50% more an hour. I’m back on crisis alert mode. Damnit…

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