Unjoining a FireChat on Android

August 21, 2014

I just installed FireChat on my Android phone. I joined a chat room, then left. Then I saw that it was still shown in a list of “Joined” rooms. The next time I opened the program, it practically forced me to join another room.

When I would go back to the main screen, I didn’t see any options to un-join one of the rooms that I no longer have any interest in.

I tried to swipe, and found that the name of the room would move a bit when I swiped, but nothing happened.

I closed and then re-opened the application and then all of a sudden I was able to swipe to the left, even when my finger wasn’t on the text name of the room. If I swiped far enough, it removed the room from my joined list. So keep in mind that it’s a little buggy, but you simply have to close and re-open the app, and then swipe to the left completely to unjoin the room.

Written by Jason Miller who lives and works in Denver, CO developing websites and focusing on personal development. He is also on Twitter

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