February 21, 2020

The Personal Essence is a state of Being, and hence it is a now-ness—an existence in the now that is completely independent from any past object relations. To be is to exist totally independent from any relationship, to anybody or to anything. So it is not independent only from past object relations; it is also independent from present ones. One can be totally alone when one is relating.

I want to say that this sounds like relating to ones self, but I don’t think that’s really the case. I used to feel lonely. It certainly would have a sense of others in it, like they all didn’t invite me to anything, they don’t like me. I’m here without someone or something to help me feel love and support.

When I moved to California I left my cat with my mother. She found him a home with some other lady who wanted a companion for her cat. I helped get him off the street, healthy, fed, and neutered. He was sweet. But I didn’t know if I would find it difficult to find an apartment that allows pets.

Written by Jason Miller who lives and works in Denver, CO developing websites and focusing on personal development. He is also on Twitter

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