My name is Jason. I am a website developer living in Erwin, TN.

I contribute to a Ruby / Rails blog called Ruby Colored Glasses

I was formerly a student of the Diamond Approach.

Maxwell Keyes

>> maxwell.created_at
=> '1982-01-26 17:29:00'

I also play guitar and keyboard, and produce my own music.

Not that I purposefully used the name ‘Redconfetti’ because of this, I find it interesting that it’s in this quote from one of my favorite shows growing up (it was on Nick at Night), Get Smart.

Chief: It’s KAOS confetti. This is how they contacted their agents.

Maxwell Smart: I don’t understand.

Chief: Well, whenever KAOS wanted to contact their agents in a different city, they’d hold a parade. Now the agents would pick up the confetti from the street and the color of the confetti determined their instructions.

Chief: How?

Chief: Green confetti meant that they were supposed to go ahead with the proposed plan. Red confetti meant stop instantly.

Maxwell Smart: Well that’s fantastic, Chief. How did you ever find that out?

Chief: Well, they also used white confetti. That meant ‘Danger, leave the country immediately’. Fortunately for us during their last parade it snowed.

Maxwell Smart: And they all left the country?

Chief: No, they all went to Miami.