Myst IV (Revelation) Installation for Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

I just did this on my Intel Mac which originally had Leopard, but I recently upgraded it to Snow Leopard.

This was taken from

  1. Create a folder on your desktop called myst4
  2. Inside this folder make two more folders, one called Myst4_1 and one called Myst4_2
  3. Insert disk 1 and open the terminal
  4. Run cd /Volumes/Myst4_1
  5. Run cp -Rv * ~/Desktop/myst4/Myst4_1 - this will take a while
  6. Run cd /
  7. Eject disk 1 and insert disk 2
  8. Run cd /Volumes/Myst4_2
  9. Run cp -Rv * ~/Desktop/myst4/Myst4_2 - this will take a while
  10. Run cd ~/Desktop/myst4/Myst4_1
  11. Run unzip Macinstaller.jar
  12. Run java run - The installer will load
  13. Accept all the defaults, keep clicking next
  14. When prompted for disk 2, navigate to Desktop/myst4/Myst4_2 and click open
  15. The application is now installed.
  16. In the terminal type cd /Ubisoft/MystIV, press enter, then run chmod -R 777
  17. Run the game by opening Myst4 under the Macintosh HD/Ubisoft/MystIV directory.

The installation instructions above worked like a charm, however running the program is the new issue now. Everytime I try to execute it, it crashes. It appears that there isn’t any fix other than to install using the installer from here, which uses the PC version with Cider….which has worked perfectly fine so far.