Compass Global Music and Productivity

Well. I’m still working on CGM, currently developing a business directory system for them. I’ve been such a lazy procrastinating idiot lately, finding it hard to lift a finger to do this. I need to treat this website like its my own, and treat it like all the other things I treat with higher priority. I will say that working with graphics is more fun than working with code. Code can be fun too, if its something new. Oh well…I’m producing. I just need to drink some caffeine, turn on all the lights (keep myself awake), turn some music on, and start coding away.

I did good last night. I was feeling really depressed because I was being so lazy that I wouldn’t even go to the store and buy stamps to send in my car insurance. I got pissed at myself, told myself I’m not going to read any websites for leisure, I’m not going to watch any movies, or anything else thats been distracting me. I orga! nized my room (I need a clean environment to work), and I even cleaned my bathroom a bit. I got those stamps. I still haven’t taken the envelope to the mailbox. I’ll go do that now….as well as pay my rent and deposit a check.

Then I’m coming back and I’m working.