I’m currently developing a database system for I took the job knowing I could design the data management system they need, however I was unable to provide a good search engine for the database. They’ve hired some outside help for the search engine, and also hired a PHP programmer with experience to work with me to get the work done better and for me to learn a few things.

Today I sent a letter to the other programmer giving him the info on the system as I’ve programmed it thus far, along with access to the server to check out everything himself.

My room was a mess because I tried to rebuild an old computer system (333Mhz Celeron). Today I cleaned up the mess that my room was after building it. I don’t have a separate keyboard, monitor, or speakers for it, but I used the ones from my current computer to install ! Windows 98 on the machine just to see how a Win98 only free version of ProTools (audio production) runs. I cleaned up everything and organized it a bit.

It didn’t run very well, and I wasn’t too impressed with it. I’m going to leave the system together though because I might install Linux on there later just to understand to use the operating system. Or I might leave it as is and just use it to compose music in MIDI.

I recently bought a 775 page book on Structured Query Language (SQL). I understand the basics of it and its a bit boring going through what I know already, but it strengthens what I know and I pick up a minor things I didn’t know about. Currently I’m on page 75. I’m also going to simultaneously start reading my PHP and MySQL Web Development book as well.

We’ll see if I do. The point of this web log is for me to focus on what I’m doing currently, and to be aware of what I’m not doing that I should!