Custom Punch Card System

Yesterday I created a punch-in / punch-out timecard script which stores all shifts as records in a MySQL database. I created it so I wouldn’t have to use a little timer program to time myself, and then type that time into a text file. I was neglecting to record when I worked as well, so there was no record of that. Now I can see what day I worked, and during what time period. Also I’m able to leave a short description of what I did during that time period.

The only problem I have with the punch card system is that I can’t pause the clock so I am timing bathroom breaks, drink breaks, etc. I’m on a salary system anyway, so as long as I don’t keep the clock ticking while I play video games or work for someone else, there isn’t a problem.

I also set one up for Drew. It wasn’t the purpose of the timecard script, but as a side benefit I’m more motivated to put some tim! e on that punch card. I might expand this code into a password protected punch card system, with punch cards for individual projects we’re working on. Those punch cards might have an option for client viewing…No real plans for expanding it into a project management system, but I’m thinking about it.

On another note…I’m keeping up with my work as I should.