Rich Dad and Cash Flow at the Zerivitz

On March 31st my friend Marshall Sontag and I went to Dr. Zerivitz house. Dr. Zerivitz is the father of a friend of ours. Dr. Zerivitz owns the board game Cash Flow, which is part of the Rich Dad products. This game teaches your how to take your income each month, deduct your monthly expenses, and use the extra money to invest in stocks, real estate, etc. Once your investments return more money each month than your monthly investments, you move out of the “rat race” and onto the main part of the board.

After playing the game Marshall started asking Dr. Zerivitz various questions which led to Dr. Zerivitz calling a friend of his, John, that actually invests in houses and fixes them up.

Recently I’ve been meeting Marshall at the house that John is fixing up. We’re going to learn all that John knows from experience on buying real estate, as well as learn how to fix them up.