Old Nickelodeon Cartoons

I was searching for old shows and cartoons that I watched as a kid, and I found Spartacus and the Sun Beneath the Sea. I remember waking up early in the morning and seeing the end of this show where all the characters see the burning sun over the city of Arkadia. Then after that show on Nickelodeon was another show called The Mysterious Cities of Gold.

In 11th grade I was inspired to write a story called Arcadia when I found the word in the dictionary. I decided it was going to be a strange sci-fi story involving an atomic war, taking place in the 80’s. I had read Brave New World in 12th grade, and I really grew interested in that because I was interested in making my Arcadia a utopia. I now think it was the Spartakus epic sci-fi French/anime cartoon that inspired me to use Arcadia as the name of the ideal city.

I have to scrap the name Arkadia/Arcadia because it really doesn’t represent anything in my story, and plus I’ve just discovered that it has already been used. I might one day create a sci-fi adventure such as this cartoon with a deep philosophical message, but I’m going to first focus on writing a realistic story with a high school clique theme to help teenagers groping with the self/esteem popularity issues I had.