Park Strolling and Friends Drama

Well. I’ve been taking walks in the park lately. I live behind the mall, and just down the block is an area called Cranes Roost. I think the exposure to sunlight helps me sleep at night at an earlier time. This morning I woke up at 8:30am without the help of my alarm clock. Plus I like feeding and trying to pet the ducks.

Maybe one day I’ll drive down to Lake Eola in Orlando to chase the geese like I did when I was 4 years old.

Also on another note, I’m getting my first $2000 check in the mail soon which I will apply to my budget plan to pay off my debts (which I’ve neglected to do for years), and to accomplish the goals I require.

On a note of other events, George, the subject of most Drew Baye jokes got into a major car “accident” recently. He claims that all he remembers is going to bed and waking up in the hospital. Since he’s a lazy eyed drug user, I assume he was under the influence of many drugs which probably contributed to his amnesia. He probably was really high and went out for a drive. I really don’t have any contact with him at all (only met the guy twice). Really sad character. Anyway, talk has gone from Mike to Tuna and then to Drew that George’s parents found a suicide note on his computer, so the accident was a suicide attempt.

My friend Chris Ondo is talking about going into the military and marrying his girlfriend Tabby. He hasn’t known her that long, but he claims that he “loves” her. Last month he broke up with her and kicked her out of his house, talked to all her ex-boyfriends which told him about the same major a! cts of infidelity, and totally was on a mission to spread the word of not very bright people, but two non-brights don’t make a right.

Also, Drew’s really delighted today since he’s got the OK from Paladin Press to be a reviewer of their products. He’s a big self-defense enthusiast so he’s thrilled that he’s going to be getting products without charge to review. He’s earned it given his extreme amount of study in the field their products cover.