Live from New York

Ok OK. Its been a whole month almost since I’ve left a blog entry, so here it goes. I had financial problems earlier this month when my employer had problems getting money from a partner in the U.K., but anyway…after I got paid, I just did my normal thing.

My friend Marshall, planned to pick up his girlfriend that lives in New York City using his car later in the month. Well, I decided to go with him and split the gas, tolls, and parking fees. He took his car to a shop to have it fixed up, but it ended up having problems after he took it into a shop. He thought he might be able to get away with that issue, but he still needed to manually replace his own brake pads (or something kinda of brake repair/replacement).

He couldn’t get a bolt off so I decided to just use my car. We went to Walmart, and bought some preventative maitenance tools. We were lazy and so far we’ve only put! fuel system cleaner into the fuel system. It still needs an oil change, and I’ve got spark plugs to perform a tune up but haven’t replaced them yet. I’ve been assured that I’ll be able to take my car home before getting an oil change even though its past what the car shop that changed my oil recommends on the little sticker thats on my wind shield. If they’re wrong, I’m going to be pissed.

We left that night and cutout our plans of staying at hotel. We were able to do this because my car is an automatic, instead of a manual tranmission like Marshalls car. We left at 3AM on Saturday Morning and arrived at approx. 10PM that night. We stopped along the way at some place called Pedro’s South of the Border on the border between South and North Carolina on I-95. Its like a tourist attraction without the attraction. Major piece of shit place to stop, not recommended.

So far since I’ve arrived I’ve seen the New York S! tock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Building, The Evil U.N. Building, R l Park, The Woolworth Building, the W.T.C. pit, and the Federal Hall building across from the NYSE. I took a tour of the Federal Hall building this morning around 10:30AM.

Pretty soon after Marshall and Brittany take a shower we’re going to go up into the Empire State Building. All the other buildings I’ve just seen from the outside, so this will be a highlight of my trip seeing all of NY from here. We’ll probably also go see the city from the port from New Jersey next to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Tommorow I’m going to get up early and go see the Statue of Libery up close. Unfortunately I can’t go inside of it or anything, because of terrorist threat. Then we’re going to go pick up my car from parking, go see Ayn Rand and Frank O’Connor’s Grave, and perhaps Sergei Rachmoninoff while we’re at it.

Then we’re off to head ! home with all Britanny’s shit stuffed into my car. Then we’ll get to Marshalls house and I’ll tell them to go to hell and that I’m not bringing her shit up three flights of stairs….or maybe I won’t mind after riding in a car without moving for 13 hours.