God Says Kill

There are things which we cannot change, and there are things which we can. We cannot change the laws of physics, and other such laws of science, because they are inescapable. Have you ever rolled a cubic piece of plastic across a tile floor? When you drop an object in mid-air, it falls right? You must understand the rules of reality to understand how you can shape the resources of reality to fit your needs. I know that I can’t just chop wood with my hand, and that I need something sharp with the strength of steel. I know that if I build a cabin to provide shelter for myself with this wood properly, it will not fall. In building my home, I’ve taken the natural resources of this reality and changed its form to fit my need. This is creation. There is no way for me to create something out of mid-air. I cannot just pronounce some magical sentence and make a cabin appear out of air. Creation is only taking what is given, and reforming it into something else.

“Nature to be commanded, must be obeyed”

  • Francis Bacon

That which is created by man, is the man made. That which is a natural occurance without the actions of man, is not the man made. The man made can and should be evaluated by your own mind before you accept it. That which is not man made is just part of nature and cannot be critiqued. A tree standing on untouched land is what it is, and could not have been otherwise. You can’t say that a tree or bush or plant or mountain is wrong? There was no mistake made because it wasn’t created by a living thinking being. A house built by a man can and should be judged by certain standards because it could have been otherwise. If a man builds a house the size of a walk in closet for a family of 4, then by the standard of its function (which is to provide living space for a family of 4) I can say it is wrong with full confidence. Anything man made can be analyzed and judged based on appropriate standards. Anything that is not man-made had no alternative; it could only have been what it currently stands to be.

Ideas presented to you by the speech of men are man made in every sense, as well as those ideas in the form of text inside of a book. One problem many people face is their acceptance of the man made without evaluation. They accept what is told to them without taking the required effort of thinking about the consequences. We are conceptual beings, which means that we can understand the consequences of our actions. We can know that a glass vase will break once pushed off a table onto a hard tile floor. We can know that if we step on broken glass barefooted, we will cut our feet and bleed. We can also know the consequences of our actions much farther than this, not by some mystic power or revelation, but by using our mind to follow the logical events which follow in our own minds. Its extremely unfortunate that there are people that accept what is preached to them, without using their minds to understand the consequences they are actually supporting. They are being mentally lazy when they do this, taking a shortcut to knowledge. There is no shortcut however, because what they gain is not knowledge.

Men who accept the propositions of their peers, family, and/or culture without evaluating those propositions do not deserve the right to uphold the values which those propositions imply. It can be stated simply that if someone accuses your best friend of murder, you don’t just accept it as truth and allow your friend to be punished for such a crime. You thoroughly make sure there is no evidence to support this accuasation. In any other situation, there must be evidence. It can be understood that a person will make the error or accepting a false attempt at evidence, or even a lie. But there are people accepting and basing their entire lives on propositions which have no evidence.

Suppose you live in a small town, and the majority of the town flock together to protest something without providing any reason for their protest. Your parents, friends, and everyone else are protesting. Some start protesting just because everyone else is protesting, and they don’t want everyone else to dislike them. They don’t want everyone else to think that they are against the protest, and therefore automatically marked as evil by the protest leaders. Its best to play it safe right? Suppose there are people who join the protest because they wanted to belong, because it was implicitly expressed that belonging to the group of people (to be social) was normal. Some people feel pride in being part of the group. They finally belong even if for just a moment in their lives. Perhaps they’ve joined the protest because they trust the judgement of everyone else. So many people can’t be wrong can they? Some perhaps decide that since they don’t have enough knowledge to really decide if the protest is right or wrong, they just go with the majoritys stance on the issue. Perhaps some were told that they needed to respect their elders knowledge just because they were older and more experienced in life.

Instead of everyone else disliking you, you might feel a dim sense of guilt with yourself for faking, if you’re conscious of the lie you are commiting. The problem is that there are people who don’t understand this principle at all. They think that following what the crowd says, and stating it from their mouths means that they are “thinking” for themselves. They don’t and can’t feel any guilt at all for their actions. They feel emboldened by the majority which is backing them up. They accept that so many people support such a stance that it can’t be wrong.

People who uphold values without understanding the reasons for those values leave themselves open to advocating evil. They leave themselves open to accepting eventual self-destruction without knowing so. They support others with the same error in thinking to their own self-destruction.

There is an organization that has existed for many centuries. They’re protest today is the product of centuries, changed to fit the followers needs and doubts, and to fit the desires of the leaders of the protest.

What is greed? Its defined as “the excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth.” To state that a desire to possess more than one needs is evil, is a terrible injustice. There is nothing wrong with how much a person owns unless it is attained by force or fraud. Greed is not evil. It is the desire for the unearned, and not the creation of wealth through the fair exchange between consenting people that is evil. Just because a person hasn’t taken the necessary action to produce a better quality of life for themselves does not automatically make the ones who have produced such a quality of life guilty. The thieves are the ones that are guilty. The ones who use whatever means necessary to force you to give up what you have produced are the guilty.

The religious leaders have pointed at many and preached about greed, when ironically they were the ones devoting their lives to the unearned. No matter how greed is defined, it is the value of the unearned that is evil.

Again, how does one gain the unearned? By force or by fraud. This organization has possed perhaps the biggest fraud in history. Where is the fraud in this scenario? It is their weapon, the arbitrary concept of the supernatural.

Religion started as a means of explaining that which man did not understand. The more we understand of the universe we live in, the more secure we become in knowing that we can survive within it. In any field of study we may be at a point of completely understanding all there is, or we may still be searching and exploring to find all the answers. We are very far in some fields of science, such as anatomy, because proof has been given which backs up our theories of how the body works. In the field of behavioral psychology, we are still experimenting and trying to understand how the mind works in its mental processes. Philosophy today is typically viewed as though its in its lower stages, or that is has no effect on our lives at all. This is untrue. It is one of the most important parts of everyones life, whether they know it or not.

Philosophy answers the questions which everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives.

Questions like “What is real?”, “How do I learn and know what is real?”, “How do I act within a society?”, and “What is the correct system for a society?”. If a person doesn’t have the correct answers to these questions, then his actions aren’t going to be the correct ones to uphold his own survival. As I said, the more we understand of the universe we live in, the more secure we are. We don’t truly understand unless the outcome of our actions are completely what we expected.

The wrong answers to these questions will lead to problems in a person life, and unfortunately once a man is provided with a philosophy, he is usually more than willing to protect it as it provides him security with reality (or what he thinks is real). Unfortunately the philosophies of various religions is actually the real evil, destroying mans capacity to think for himself, telling him to rely on the ideas (or control) of others. If followed completely with a total disreguard to reason, religion is a great evil. The men who follow think they are the ultimate authority, fighting for the greatest good, willing to be slaves now under the promise of the greatest reward after their lives. Religion tells men that this world is not for them, and that their suffering here will be rewarded after they expire. This reward is the afterlife in heaven, and it is a rubber check. The punishment is hell, and it is a great lie.

Judge for yourself the man made organization which tells you that you cannot evaluate what it tells you. It tells you to abandon your ability to seek the knowledge needed to understand the world ( see: the tree of knowledge). It made questions against its dogma a deadly taboo, and labeled the questioners as heretics (burning them at the stake at times). It tells you not to use your ability to see the consequences of the actions it tells you to take (which requires the knowledge they told you not to seek), which means to not judge it. It tries to trick you and tell you that its ideas are not the man made, but made by their invention they call “God”, and leaves you open to the fear of the unknown because “God works in mysterious ways”, which explains why his whole plan doesn’t make any sense. This quote also can be used when a devout Christian meets a tragic event in his life, and others wish to help him by reminding him that even tragic events are for the best, and to be accepted as the will of God. They tell you how to live your life without any reason, and to accept the reward which cannot be proved to exist until after death. Its the worship of death itself, giving people reasons to abandon hope in their lives for the ultimate goal of the afterlife.

The organization that tells you to accept its ideas and to practice them without questioning it. The organization which accepted one scientists theory on the universe because it didn’t contradict their dogma, but rejected Galileos proof of orbiting moons around other planets ( a fact which any rational human being not stuck in the dark ages accepts today) because it contradicted their dogma. Why do we accept such a system that retards our progress in understanding the world around us? The more we understand, the more secure we are with the world around us, and the better we are able to work with it to survive, and hence the happier we are. For what reason must we suffer here? Why do they not tell you to enjoy life here and then enjoy it in heaven? Because they be able to subordinate you to their whims if they told you otherwise?

The organization that tells you that you will be infinitely tortured by a being which loves you, a being which you cannot sense except in the dreams and hallucinations you might conjure your subconscious into presenting to you after obsessing over the ideas they feed you. If such ideas were presented to followers of the same organization under a different name without the following of their parents, friends, and culture, it would be rejected as a cult, and the leaders of the cult would be called insane!

Judge for yourself when the majority accepts this organization, and men use this organization as a tool to satisfy their own agenda. The base of this organization is their man made invention called God, and they claim a percentage of your time, effort, and money as interest on the life which they claim their invention gave you. People accept this claim for what it is without question, and in response to any question you ask they will have an answer based on the mystic non-reason you’ve already accepted. Again “God works in mysterious ways…”

What would happen if we were in the same state as the middle east (because of the actions of the middle east)? What if our nation was in a productive crisis, the word ‘economy’ a joke, and the government took total control of the nation in the name of national crisis (a crisis caused by the government in the first place). To separate us now from the Islamic terrorists, they post “God bless America” everywhere. The motto “One Nation Under God” stamped on our pennies by Congress in 1954 to differentiate ourselves from our athiestic Communist neighbors, becoming the official motto of a socialist theocracy? The separation of church and state established by our Founding Fathers abolished using the claim that this country was founded on religion. God and/or society being more important than your right to exist as the supporter of yourself. God and/or society being your master, and yourself a slave.

When a man has a problem with something and he wants the mob to assist him, he preaches his cause in the name of God. You are accepting the same organization as the Extremist Islamics in the Middle East region that praised the catastrophe of the World Trade Center on September 11th, except under a different name and form. You are accepting what you are told, and you are willing to support it without question, as are the suicide bombers, for their God. You have no right to support what they give you, because you are supporting it with the wrong reasons or without any reason at all.

Are you going to accept these remnants from the Dark Ages that hide under the reformed guise of success, which is really the success of the freethinkers. Many modern theists choose not to see the past or the future of their religious beliefs. Christianity is constantly trying to mold itself to modern culture, and trying to hold on as long as it can. It tells people that the beliefs they give you, which they require you to believe as your ticket away from hell, don’t have any consequences as far as actions are concerned. Sure! When it comes time for a religious protest, what beliefs will compell them to the actions denoted by the priests? “Abortion is murder in the eyes of God!” - So a group of Christians murder a womens clinic worker, under the sense of a divine justice. “Oh…these beliefs don’t have any consequences as far as actions are concerned.”

Trying thinking of the consequences of the actions of such a system. Only the corrupt use a tool such as God, because God is whatever they claim God to be. God can hate Jews. God can hate Americans. God can say your money belongs to me. God can say your house belongs to me. God can say I am his son, as David Koresh did. God can say that your wife is mine for all my sexual desires. God can say that you must give your life in sacrifice for him to kill those which threaten my…cough I mean, our beliefs. Are you going to wait till you can’t evade reality any longer and have no other option than to accept fully the orders of a religious demogogue?

When Hitler says “This is what God wants”, is it really God or Hitler speaking?