Programming and Website Work

I’ve been getting back on track lately with programming like I should. I haven’t finished the admin for’s Study Guide yet, which I need to do since they’ve paid me for it already, but I’m working on a secure-form/processing system that we can use in multiple parts of the website. I’m thinking about not charging them, and owning the system myself to use for other websites. I’ll have to think about it.

With, I’m working really hard to get the whole admin debugged. I’ve finished the Dance Culture module, and I’m working on the Hip-Hop module currently. I worked really well on Monday, and worked OK on Tuesday, but today I slacked off again. I’ve made progress though. I’m going to push myself more and more tommorow.

To give myself a challenge, I’m going to look into Windows programming. I learned C in high school, which helped me to learn PHP, and working with PHP has made me more comfortable with programming. I might take an interest and get caught in the flow of learning the WinAPI. We’ll see.