Exploring Rock Influences

I’ve been trying to get more music oriented, playing my guitar more, experimenting with recording. Listening to more music, looking for new musical gems online. Recently I’ve become obsessed with the cartoon Daria that used to air in MTV, which now airs on Noggin (I think). That show has lots of good music in the background during certain scenes, so I’ve been able to find new songs that I didn’t get into back in the late 90’s.

I’ve been very critical of the rock that they play on the radio, given that it seems to all sound the same, but I’m impressed recently with Audioslave and Queens of the Stone Age.

I was experimenting last night and I came up with a good hook only to find out its identical to the hook in “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” by Black Sabbath. I know I wasn’t trying to rip them off because I was shooting for an 80’s type of sound, but oh well.

I think I’m going to focus on the 80’s sound like I was able to do with a song I titled “Eurythmic” which I recorded back in 2000. I’m finding that the music industry is starting to look up as far as good music is concerned, but unfortunately there is a lot of sampling or covering. The style I was able to put into that song wasn’t covering, but an homage to the music which influenced that style.

I’ve been listening to more 70’s music, specifically the Alan Parsons Project, and progressive rock like it. Its going to be good, because more synth based progressive rock and 80’s synth pop are similar (like Styx’s Mr Roboto is a crossover). I’m going to try to stick with the 80’s stuff though….learn what keys they used in the songs and stuff.