Considering AOL Job

Well…I’ve been waiting to get paid and the pressures on from my father to get a job. I think it will be a good thing anyway getting back into a normal job. I contacted an old buddy from MPINET that now works at AOL, Chris Bridges. I heard that he ran the tech support department at the local AOL call center, but it turns out that he just does workforce management…which is basically major scheduling.

So I’m going to check with Chris Ferrell, another person I worked with at MPINET and see how hard it is to get into Veritas, a company that starts you out at $21.50 an hour after 3 weeks of training. The hurdle I need to get over is that they need major NT and Win2K knowledge…at least thats what they ask you about in the interview, Bridges said. I’ll talk to Ferrell and I’ll know what to expect.