Let Go From America Online

I always happen to come around posting to my blog every once in a while, but not as often as others do. I shouldn’t consider right now free time, given that I have work to do on a website to work off a debt, but I’m a procrastinator and I admit it.

Recently I was let go after the training period at AOL because I got a 37% saves rate where a 52% was required for the 4 days I was on the phone with AOL members wanting to cancel. Its all working out for the best though. I have a job tommorow uninstalling a computer here in Orlando, and then I return on Monday to reinstall it at another location. It pays $25 an hour, and its only temporary. After that I start on Tuesday working for a company on a 3 month project at $8 an hour working on a migration project to the Windows 2000 operating system for Semens-Westinghouse.

In addition to having that safety net, I know that the same AOL call center’s Workforce Management department needs another person and I’m a viable candidate for the position they are offering. They start interviewing Monday so I’m excited about that. Funny thing is that I’ll actually be hired in two notches above the position I lost as an AOL Saves Consultant.

Aside of job issues, I’m moved in here in Orlando now. I’ve finised the last driving course class needed to keep my license. Its practically suspended right now, but as soon as I recieve the certificate of completion for that class, I’m going down to the DMV and sorting this whole thing out. My car insurance is back into effect as well, so as long as I have $100 in my account at the end of the month, I’m fine.

Aside of that, I need to get to work now and make some progress on this Job Board project I’m working on for SuperSlow.com. Sometime in the middle of that I will force myself t or not next time I post to this blog.