Job Search

Well. That thing over at Seimens-Westinghouse didn’t work out. I made the mistake of asking what arrangements can be made if I get another offer (from AOL). I’m not sure if I asked just Spherion (the temp agency I’m working through) or if I actually asked the person interviewing me. Anyway, I’m not mentioning anything like that again at any interview.

Aside of that, I did that Ad-hoc work over the weekend, which put $197 in my bank account making me just $15 shy of paying my rent for this following month. My room mate Marshall owes me $100 still, so I’m sure he can pay $15 for me, along with any bills that come up.

From the looks of it though, I’ve found a job at some place near Orlando international airport that requires a background much like mine (internet tech support) that pays $15 an hour. Its only for tw! o months, but it might turn into a full time thing. If I don’t get any vibe that this job is something I can stick around for, then I’m going to take the AOL workforce management job if I get the offer.

I’m really looking for a place that I can get involved with, enjoy going to work, and that pays enough for me to settle my debts. I took count and I’m around $10,000 in debt (estimated tax money from this and last year included).

As far as non-work related news, I’m interest in meditation. I went to a meditation group with Marshall and Brittany, and it was interesting. I asked a few questions and got a clearer idea of how things work. I really need to gain more focus, attention, and volition. I need to break my habits. Quit smoking, quit eating out of boredom….quit succumbing to any destructive desires, and start emersing myself into productive yet enjoyable activities.

Today I worked with music, but ! didn’t get far. I learned a tidbit more about Microsoft Excel, but lo 13, I read a few news articles linked to from I looked for a job up until getting the call from Spherion about the job by the airport. I smoked cigarettes. I didn’t get much produced, and I felt depressed about it. I get free time like this and I waste it. I should have been working on Ken’s website for the job board project. I should have been learning more about Excel. I should have cherished this free time.

I’ll bring more attention to it.