Debt and Repressed Desires

Whoa! I’ve been busy. Life has picked up so much. Here it whats happening.

I can see that how much I’m getting paid is definitely enough to help me get out of debt. I’ve gone to CompUSA, and Best Buy recently to pick up a few things and I’ve only purchased the things that I went there for in the first place. I’m able to stroll down the aisles and I don’t care for most things anymore, like computer games. For the things that I do want, if its too expensive I’m able to hold back without much of a problem, such as a nice HDTV or a flat screen monitor…or even a nice new Viewsonic monitor. I even held back from purchasing a Network+ book because I don’t need it immediately.

My motherboard fried out the other night so I was at CompUSA to buy a new motherboard. I bought a CD case, but it was something I needed.

I also bought a 10 pack of Bawls dri! nk because I’ve been drinking energy drinks instead of coffee in the morning. They have something better than caffeine, Guarana! Marshall looked it up online and he said that its a form of caffeine that releases gradually (like time release) so you don’t get your caffiene high and then depression.

I have been a little more generous with my new income, and I should devote more to paying off debts. I did pay Time Warner cable what I owe them. I just need to turn in my cable modem. I still need to pay the power bill. I did make a payment to one of my credit cards.

I plan on making a budget and sticking to it very close. If I become aware of my spending instead of just checking the balance so often I think I’ll tackle this debt very well. Plus I need to take care of taxes.

I’m thinking to myself that I can treat myself to a few luxuries since I’m making more money now…but I shouldn’t ignore the estimated $10,000 debt I have with various sources.