Many Teas

I get paid tommorow. I just worked a 15 hour day yesterday, so I’m sure to get some overtime next week. I’m using the money I get tommorow to pay rent, and the rest is for food and gas. The check which follows will go towards select bills and debt, and then I will save some for more food and gas.

Yesterday I spent $22 on various Chinese teas, including Green Tea. I paid about $6 for a box of tea which sells online for $12

I just checked my bank account balance from Marshalls laptop because my computer is being fixed. I just bought a new motherboard, but then I found out that I need a compatible video card. Anyway…it shows Oct 31 already with my pay already added….strange.

Anyway…I purchased some Chrysanthemum tea, Oolong tea, Jasmine tea, and Antihypertensive tea.

If this tea doesn’t actually promote my health or something, at least I will know that I’ve tried these different things and I might even like the taste.