Joe Delehanty Gay Rockstar

Ok. I feel compelled to talk about my friend Joe that I’ve been hanging out with. I’m afraid that perhaps my friends have been wondering about how much time I’ve been spending with Joe, but thats just my insecurity speaking.

Joe and I work together at Devereux in the IT Dept. Joe is a very fun and interesting person and he likes to rock. He likes music and computers just like I do. The only difference is that he’s gay. Everything about Joe other than his sexual preference is the reason I hang out with him. He’s not even one of those flamboyant annoying sissy fags.

Much props to Joe. Maybe him and I will form a band and actually make progress like I never have with someone before. I’ve always bullshitted around and never got much done. The only problem is a clash in musical styles, and my own ambition for the music at this point in my life.

We will see.