Eating Out and Gameboy Advanced

I’ve been eating out all the time now, and it hasn’t been very healthy. Today I ate a wrap from Albertsons for breakfast, a Cuban Chicken wrap from Natures table with a bag of nuts and fruit, and I had a sandwich, pickle, cookie, and some potato salad for dinner. I think thats much better than the McDonalds, Taco Bell, Checkers, etc that I’ve been eating. I feel that its a good start. I now need to start buying food from the grocery store instead of from easy convienent sources that cost alot of money.

Right after work I went over to Joe’s house. We hung out, I played drums a little, we recorded two ideas on the digital 8-track recorder I borrowed from Howard. We watched the beginning of Ghandi.

I bought a Gameboy Advanced SP over the weekend. I somewhat regret it, but I think it will be a nice little addition to my life. Its great for red lights in the car. I don’t care! how long it takes now. I just pick it up, play some Tetris, and then pause and go when the light goes green.