Steak N Shake Food Poisoning

I went to see the movie “Stuck on You” with my friend Joe Delehanty the night before last. Afterwards we went and ate at the local Steak-N-Shake. I was tired and went home after we ate at 10:00PM. The next morning at 4:12AM I woke up with a fever, and later after I woke up I had diarrea. I called into work of course, got some Dayquil and Nightquil caplets, and various hydrating things such as Diet 7UP and Gatorade. I delivered some to Joe because he got the same thing.

Now, earlier in the day we both went to Picadily’s Cafeteria out in Lakeland where we were picking up computers for work. But we speculate that it was the Steak-N-Shake that gave us food poisoning. I don’t want to jump the gun and tell Steak-N-Shake that they gave us food poisoning. You never know, there could be a stomach flu going around or something, but if I see no other stomach flu going around, I’m going to give them a call.

Today I’ll feeling much better. I still have the symptoms of a cold sweat (which isn’t really bad, but it still shows I’m recovering). I cleaned my room up a bit and I’m getting my laundry done. I washed the dishes, something I haven’t done in a long time since my room mates Marshall and Brittany have taken over the kitchen. I’m going to attempt to implement an agreement to share the kitchen as it should be, but I think such an attempt will turn out to be futile. Again I’m at a point where I will have to move to escape a situation where someone doesn’t wash their own dishes…

This situation includes a cat shitting and pissing on things. (insert sarcastic comment here)