Josh's Break Up

Yesterday (Saturday), I went to Gene Webb’s house and assisted him and his mother in preparing for a dual workstation home network sharing their DSL connection. Today I’m going down to the gym to resolve some computer issues for Ken, and delivering some data tapes, along with a CD with that data, to Gene for his mother.

After doing that I went to the residential treatment center in Pine Hills for my job to troubleshoot a printer. The printer was working fine, it was just the print queue on the server that was messed up. Thereafter I went and visited my grandmother.

Next I went to Roy’s house and installed Quicken for him, and fixed his printer issue with the ink levels of his ink cartridges. The printer doesn’t actually have a sensor to see how much ink is in the cartridge, but it estimates the amount of ink you’ve used from the day you install a full cartridge. Its a Lexmark Z32 inkjet.

I came home then, and then went and hung out with Joe. We were going to watch a movie I rented, but then I got a phone call from Marshall saying that Kelly called him (during having dinner out with his girlfriend Brittany) and told him that someone needs to hang out with Josh tonight. Sounded like she broke up with him, but it turns out she just wants some time alone.

I called Josh and he didn’t answer his phone, so I called Kelly and she said that he’s at home and to just show up. I went over there and bought a bottle of Crown Royal and coke. We drank a little (like 1.5 drinks for him, 3 for me) over a period of time, not really getting a buzz even. We watched a movie and went to bed. There wasn’t much I could do for him since I don’t know much about their relationship and the whole context of the situation.

It looks like she’s just wanting some time to think about the direction of her life, and he’s really scared about this afraid that she’s goin hrough this type of thing. They are prompted by something to step back and look at the direction they are headed in life, and they might cut off from their normal routine to think about this.

I wanted to give him some food for thought without telling him that I think that its over or its not. I truly do not know.

I wanted to go into the logic of how if someone isn’t happy with another person, that its futile to want them to stay. If they do stay, it if just wasting time…prolonging the uncertainty and inevitable eventual breakup. I think I should just keep my mouth shut now that I think of it since its not certain that they’re breaking up.

I was thinking about how people should break up. I’d hope that if I’m in a relationship with someone that we both mutually drift out of love…we both grow tired of the relationship.

I think this is seriously the worst thing to ever happen to him, and it sucks that there isn’t much I can do. Last night I’d seen him at his worst. I told him when I left that I care about him, that I’m here to help him in whatever happens, and that no matter what happens that no one can change the unchangable.