Ouija Board and Digidesign MBox

I went to Joes house Friday night. We tried to summon a spirit from the ether using a ouija board I ordered on Ebay. I payed $5 plus $14 shipping for it. Its funny that I got it to see the $0.99 mark on it in a sharpie marker, clearly a garage sale markup.

Anyway…either it didn’t work because no one believed it would work, or there are no ghosts. We’ll just have to find a more spooky area to visit to summon the ghosts. Perhaps a public park I know of that is in Pine Hills that used to be the grounds for an insane asylum.

After doing this, I read a ghost story that I found chilling on the shadowlands website.

Evil Spirit is the story that I found chilling. The idea of a person seeing a friendly ghost, but others knowing the true evil identity is a very interesti! ng concept for a ghost story, even if I don’t believe in ghosts.

After reading this story I played my songs the ways they’re meant to be played on Joe’s acoustic guitar. The next morning Joe told me how much I have helped him gain an active interest or motivation for music. I told him that its going likewise as far as his improvements in drumming. I plan on buying a Digidesign MBox soon ($500 retail)… instead of going for the $2000 Digi002.

This way I’ll be able to finally learn to use ProTools software, and I’ll try to get the hookup for effects and other plugin software from Joe’s friend that works in the audio industry.