Lost Job at Devereux

I lost my job last Friday. Its really a bummer. I’m going to draft a letter tommorow to Diane telling her that I really appreciated the opportunity to work at Devereux, and admit to the mistakes I made which were unprofessional while I was there (reguardless if they were reasons for my dimissal in leui of the budget cuts).

Before I lost the job I ordered a used Digidesign MBox. After recieving it in the mail, I removed Linux from my computer, put Windows on a 7 Gb partition, and left the rest of my 60 Gb hard drive for storage of ProTools sessions and other data.

I’ve been playing with it since I received it on Monday. I watched most of the “Charles Manson Superstar” documentary DVD I rented from Netflix. Seems like a pro-Manson type of documentary with really bad video editting and effects. Before that I watched the 2nd DVD of “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” documentary. Its really interesting how many different theories there are. Found out today that some people think that the third shot came from a man in the sewer grate peeping out of a man hole. On the last DVD there was testimony that someone found a link to Frech mafia, and that two of the shooters that were hired were French assassins.

Read some articles on Monster.com today about networking letters, cold call letters, and cover letters. I’ll do more of that tommorow. I started learning ASP tonight so I might have a chance working with Marshall on providing solutions which require web programming.

I setup an ASP Test Site at some website called 1ASPHost. That is all. I’ll talk to myself later. Peace.