GBX Shoes Ybor City

I took the shoes I purchased from GBX in Ybor City two weeks ago back to get my money back on them. I sometimes take the shoes off by putting pressure near the top of the heel to remove the shoes, but I never put stress on the rubber sole off the foot as to cause the sole to tear from the bottom of the shoe. They had a policy posted that they will repair the shoe, or exchange if the shoe cannot be repaired. Joe gave the owner a bit of guff, being really confrontational. I think he took it a little too far. I sympathize with the owner of the store when it comes to someone being very hostile and over-assertive.

I’ve never had a problem like this with other shoes, so I truly believe that the pair of shoes that I got were not of the utmost quality that I expected. The sole was coming off the back of the shoe after 2 weeks. I’ve had my other pair of Rockports for 2 years and i’m not having this probl! em in the back of the shoe. The manager quit talking to Joe, which I understand. He said he could send the shoe to a repair person and then we could pick them up, but I live in Orlando and its quite a drive to pick them up a week later. The guy offered to have me fix the shoe here in Orlando, and to send him the receipt which he will refund.

If the shoe repair doesn’t fix it completely, and I continue to have problems with the quality of the shoe, I am going to boycott GBX shoes, and avise that others do not purchase them as the policy of the store along with the quality of their shoes sets people up for disappointment. I will begin with asking the GBX manufacturing company what they’re policy is with defects, and if they have a good enough policy then I’ll only put in a report of my experience with the Better Business Bureau.

On another note. I think I’m going to be more active in the club scene in atmospheres I’m comfortable in with music I like, and people who I think have a good taste. A good new hangout place. We’ll see.