Reasons for Staying in Florida

Well. I forgot one of the major reasons I’ve stayed here in Florida all this time, and its basically the job market that has kept me here. I did some research online into the area my mother lives in. Johnson City, TN is 35 miles North of the town of Erwin in which she lives. It doesn’t look like many IT jobs are available in that area, but I’m going to continue researching and I’ll probably visit sometime soon just to see what types of industries exist up there, and gauge if my IT skills can apply to even companies that aren’t entirely IT based (like internet/computing companies).

Another thing that might keep me down here is the cheaper rate of community college given that I’m a resident. We’ll see. In general I’m feeling much better than I did on Tuesday. I wonder if perhaps I just wasn’t feeling emotionally well and dipped into a temporary depression.

I hope I’m not happy again just because my day-to-day experiences are good, and that I’m evading an impending doom which I should be planning to resolve ASAP (my car, taxes, debt, etc).

I get paid today, and most of that check is going to rent, and the rest is for food, gas, and probably some sort of leisure. The next paycheck this month is going to go towards bills, and getting a tune up on my car. After that when I have extra money, I plan on getting back in touch with the CPA I know of, and devise a plan for taking care of my taxes.

I’m being more productive now, without the impulse to take a break (thus cutting down on my hours, and thus income). I used to make $10 an hour and lived well, I don’t know why I don’t see it as so now. Perhaps its because I think I should have enough extra money for a car payment, and because I have a tax issue in addition to the credit debt I’ve had for 3 years now.

I can’t let all this get to me. I’m thinking of it now and its hurti g an effort, things will be good. The job market/economy is doing better too…thats a good thing.