Chris Ondo's ServerCove Introduction

Last night was really cool. I went downtown to the office of with my friend Chris Ondo. Him and I are going to start experiment with Linux with help from the owner of Server Cove at their office on Saturday nights.

Rick, the owner, hooked us up with free co-location of this shitty little Pentium box that I bought to use to learn what we’re focusing on (web server configuration).

This may at some point turn into an employment opportunity, which is exciting, but even if that doesn’t happen this is a nice opportunity to expand my knowledge of computers.

I have to give it to Chris Ondo, he actually took initiative to contact the owner of Server Cove to “intern” there. He told me about it and I had him ask the owner if I could come along too. Thanks Chris.

I know a good amount more than Chris knows about Linux, so I can bring Chris up to speed with what I know and then we can work together to learn things and share it with each other. Like say, I learn how to properly setup scripting where a new user account automatically is created an FTP account under the web server space, and he can teach me whatever he learns about DNS or whatever he is working on.