Napping and Miscellaneous

ended up taking naps throughout the day, and the sleep cycle experiment failed. I ended up going to bed at 10PM on Sunday and waking up at 7:20 AM on Monday morning. Oh well.

Last night I went to get money from Chris Ondo for creating his website - Chris Can Fix Chris Krusey and Will Hudson were going over to Kelly’s to hang out, so I left Chris Ondo’s and decided to hang out over there a while and then go hang out with Josh when he got off at 8:30PM. Josh ended up just coming over to Kelly’s. At first it was just Kelly, Will, Chris, and Kelly’s room mates Lori and Amanda. Then Josh came over, then Heather Mitchell, and then some guy…don’t know his name.

I remember Heather Mitchell from high school. I never really got to know her, but I do remember having the impression that she was cool. I talked to her last night a bit about music and got her email address before she left the party. She has the same taste in music that I’ve got, so perhaps I’ll have someone to talk to about music now that Joe is gone….hm…I wonder if I forgot to blog about Joe.

Yeah. I worked on music for a long time with Joe, before and after we worked together at Devereux. He moved out almost a month ago. He’s moving back to San Francisco. He was a good guitarist and drummer. Close but not exactly the same tastes in music that I have.

I like it dark, melancholy, powerful. Sometimes bright and happy, like 80’s pop, but I’m no so great at 80’s pop music yet. I think that the type of music I make depends on my sense of life. Life sucks right now, but I’m working to make it better.

I’m learning Linux, might start a friendship with someone cool, still making music once in a while, expanding my taste in music into progressive rock…

I just need to do something about these damned taxes and credit debt. I need to find a job where I’m more valued. I hope its not just me.