Lease Up & Moving

Right after I posted the image below showing the location of Hurricane Charley, I went to shutdown my computer because I knew it was close, however my computer was shutdown by itself when the power went out. It was still 20-40 minutes before we started to see strong winds.

My father called my sister in Kissimmee and she said it was hitting them really bad. My dad told me to leave and go to my grandmothers house, but I figured that was one of the stupidest things I could do. I stayed home and waited it out. Nothing bad really happened. Our fence has two wooden poles snap, a bunch of small branches and twigs were everywhere. A big tree down the street from me crashed down in the street, and the other half of the tree fell on the house it was next to.

I went to my grandmothers 20 minutes after the storm had passed. She still had electricity, cable, etc. I came back the next morning, but my room mates had locked the top deadbolt that only locks and unlocks from the inside. I went ahead and started helping to remove the tree that was on top of the house for my landlord Arik March. I worked 3 hours for him at $8 an hour. I don’t work like that much, so it really wore me out.

Speaking of landlord, my lease is up on the house I’m living in, my room mates Marshall and Brittany are getting their own place, the other room mate Henry doesn’t know what he’s doing. I called my old room mate Drew Baye and asked if he’d like to save some money living with me, but his girlfriend Emma wasn’t into that idea.

So I asked my grandmother tonight if she would be cool with me moving in here. She said sure. I still feel weary that perhaps I’m imposing, but she had no problem at all. She said sure with a tone of no concern and without hestitation.

This will be good as I will be able to get myself financially in order, and then start school. I made the decision to make a change in my life since I was heading downhill, and currently I’m telling myself still that once an opportunity comes to make things better that I shouldn’t abuse it.

I’m going to continue to push myself to learn Linux, possibly later getting a job at Server Cove or Host Dime here in Orlando. The job I currently have is good, but its not providing for me what I need financially to accomplish my goals.