Hurricane Frances

Uh.. Yesterday was Labor Day, the Monday after hurricane Frances hit. I had a nice day eating out and going to two movies, Papparazi and The Village. I hung out with my friend Scott most of the day, and later Josh hung out with us. I came back home to my nanny’s house last night at like 12:30 AM. They had a generator running, but I guess it was hooked up to the fridgerator. There were power strips in the hallway, so perhaps they had fans ran to each room.

It was too late for me to hook up a fan, if thats what they were doing. I would have created too much noise. I ended up coming into the office where I work and sleeping here from 3AM till 8:30 AM when people came in.

I’m not too tired even though I haven’t had at least 7.5 hours of sleep.

I hope the power comes back on soon.