Regular Sleep Schedule

I’ve switched to days for training with Host Dime for two weeks. Its nice that I’m on a regular sleep schedule. Hopefully I don’t have any problem switching back since I’ve blacked out my windows.

It was odd this morning. I didn’t wake to the light, it still felt like night time, hehe.

I watched “Team America : World Police” last night. If you’ve seen the trailer for the movie, don’t expect much more than a few funny moments. I’m a big South Park fan. Actually, I think its the best cartoon ever. Many animated shows have been created for adults to watch, but South Park is clever in how it satires current issues and politics. Second to this is the Daily Show with John Stewart.

Check this out. John Stewart confronts CNN’s Crossfire LIVE on Crossfire (original link updated with YouTube link).

Yawn! I’m going to bed after a little more Linux+ reading.