Fast Food Hangover

Yesterday I was really hungry after band practice, as I hadn’t ate anything in hours. I was house sitting, and it turns out that I just didn’t have something quick to whip up at home to satiate this hunger…so I decided to eat out. Being that I’m trying to save money, I decided that I could only justify fast food. The funny thing is that I end up pigging out on fast food, so it ends up being $8.00+ for the meal I eat. I might as well just eat healthy and feel satiated.

Anyway, I ate so much Taco Bell because I was still hungry after eating the first three items I ordered (soft taco supreme, burrito supreme, volcano taco), that I went back for more (another volcano taco, chalupa, fresco soft taco). I don’t think the weed I smoked helped either. I justified this behavior though because I quit smoking cigarettes, which are really my vice.

Well, this wasn’t a good idea. I went home and sat down, and started to have a headache beneath the warm satiated blood sugar spike which caused me to feel like taking a nap. I just sat through this thinking it would go away, but hours later while I was sitting and watching Greys Anatomy episodes the headache got worse.

It got so bad that I stopped watching the computer screen because I figured the slight strain on my eyes was making the headache worse. I drank water, and even forced myself to puke…as all that Taco Bell was surely proving to be toxic in some matter. This led to me laying down and falling asleep for a short period (20 minutes) when the headache wanned, but then I woke up again and still had this killer headache.

I ended up feeling nauseas and needing to puke again. I did this and still tried to rest, but I wasn’t sure why the headache wasn’t going away. I figured it was because I hadn’t ate in hours, and even though the Taco Bell was toxic and some was still in my system, I needed something to replenish some blood sugar. I made some oatmeal and had a couple spoonfuls before going to bed.

I didn’t take any aspirin or ibuprofen during this time because there was none, and driving down to the store seemed like it would make the headache much worse. Luckily I was able to go to sleep and wake up with only a minor headache kind of beaming in the background of my consciousness.

I came into work feeling crappy, but the ibuprofen and coffee helped. I think I’m going to stay away from weed and binging on fast food from now on. I hope this attitude lasts.