East Bay Motorcycle Route

Here is a motorcycle route I just mapped out for the East Bay area. This is the route I’m taking today. It’s 7:44 AM my time, time to gear up and go after I eat breakfast.

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Update: I just corrected the route above. There was a section that was going up a street, then u-turning, and it totally confused me during the trip. Other than that, the other directions were sound…even though I did miss my turns at some points. I think it’s normal to miss certain street signs if they’re not so conspicuous. This route is even cool if you’re driving out in your car.

For new motorcyclists who feel comfortable going up and down hill, the majority of this route is 25-35 mph. There are times when you go 40-50 mph, but of course you can always let people pass you. The high speeds happen mostly on Bear Creek Road, Blackhawk Rd / Crow Canyon Rd. They are two lane roads, so it’s not as scary as the highway. I’ve only been riding for 3 weeks now and I thought it was fun. The very curvy roads going up and down the mountains really make the ride fun. I made sure to go the right speed and went through the turns with ultimate visibility yet ready to steer away from the centerline if another car was passing, just like I learned from Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well