Things to Do in San Francisco




Bars / Pubs / Restaurants with Beer Selection


Marin County

Attractions available within 20 miles north of San Francisco

Sonoma / Napa

Visitors to San Francisco often take day trips north to wine country, located approximately 50 miles North / Northeast of San Francisco. Dry Creek Vineyard, just north of Sonoma, is reported to produce an excellent Zinfandel and Savignon Blanc. Many other wineries are located nearby as well (many of them quirky and interesting), located very close together and easy to find on Dry Creek Road, so you can hit up many in a single trip. At several points you’ll see road side posts with signs pointing off to various wineries on side roads. For example you can take Yoakim Bridge Road down to West Dry Creek Road and visit Raymond Burr Vineyards and Preston Wineries (try the Madam Preston, amazing on a hot day).

Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay is the bay area located between Santa Cruz (approx 75 miles south of SF) and Monterey (approx 112 miles south of SF).