San Francisco Bay Area Hiking Suggestions

Alice Eastwood Group Campsite Trails

There is a group of trails around the Alice Eastwood Group Campsite. If you have enough time, you can go all the way down into the valley on these trails, which connect on the bottom with the Muir Woods trails.

Mount Tamalpais State Park and Ampitheater

This is a parking lot that is placed in the middle of the Bootjack trail. This is a nice hike because it goes uphill, which makes returning to your car downhill very pleasant. The Bootjack Trail also leads you all the way up to the Ampitheater.

Here is a shot from the Rock Spring Trail, North-East of the Ampitheater, where you can see the entire bay.

Mount Tamalpais Ampitheater

Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve

This is a really nice hike because there are not many other hikers around. It’s not a tourist attraction like Muir Woods is.

There are also very bright yellow banana slugs everywhere on the sides of the trail near the creek.