Habit Blood Test Kit

This morning I began going through the Habit.com blood test after fasting for 10 hours. I followed the instructions and used the lancet in the middle of the meat of my ring finger. I tried to warm my hands before hand and even tried to encourage blood flow.

The blood harly flowed though. It was extremely hard to get a drop to form, let alone let it slide down my finger directly into the little square.

I pulled out the second card, a second lancet, and tried again using my middle finger. I put on a sweater, and started doing jumpking jacks, to encourage blood flow. Yet again, it was extremely difficult to get a drop to form. I started to get some, but because the prick was in the middle of the finger, I accidentally smeared the good drop I had worked so furiously to create all over my finger.

It was a mess. It was frustrating. I was now worried that I had no extra cards, nor lancets, to finish test one.

I then looked online and found this video with instructions.

It turns out that if you prick your finger near the tip, and to the side, the blood can flow much more freely. In the video the woman claims that it is where the best capillaries are located for obtaining a blood specimen.

I noticed there were 2 extra lancets located in a side pouch of the test kit box. I used one of these from the side near the tip of the finger. This allowed me to press down on the meat of the finger, effectively promoting the blood flow. Since the prick was near the tip of the finger, it came out and turned into drops I could easily aim into the little square of the test card.

I hope this post helps others that end up having the same frustration and turn to the internet for some guidance.