Hulu Desktop

I just want to let everyone on the Internet know that the Hulu Desktop application rocks. Seriously.

Hulu Desktop app

I have an iMac, which came with a remote controller for use with FrontRow, a multimedia viewer which uses a 10-foot user interface, and came packaged with Mac OSX when I bought the computer.

I’ve been using Hulu Desktop for a while with my Mac now and it works great. It ties into my Hulu account and lets me setup subscriptions to the shows that I like, so I can quickly navigate to view the latest Lost episode of season 6, or even watch clips of the latest Saturday Night Live episodes.

I just sit back in my bed and watch without having to be face-to-face with the computer screen, which is great because I’m face-to-face with a computer screen all day at work. Sure, I should be out jogging or something, but if I want to unwind with a comedy on-demand, this is great. Oh yeah, I don’t have cable also….I can’t justify paying for cable and Internet at the same time, so this is a great. I can’t wait for all the networks to come onboard and offer subscriptions to view shows online, with very minimal commercial interuptions.

If you don’t own a Mac, don’t think that you’re left out. The Hulu Desktop FAQ states “…Hulu Desktop will work with Apple and Windows Media Center remotes. Remotes that are compatible with Windows XP and Vista can be purchased at most electronics retailers.”