How to Loose Weight, Feel Great, and Drop the Medication

I just watched this movie. It was very inspirational.

I was on a similar regimen called The Primal Blueprint for several months. I went from 310 lbs to 275 lbs. Unlike the vegetable/fruit juice diet in this movie, I ate steamed veggies and meat without worrying about fat content (similar to how cave men eat).

Overall the concept is the same. Cut out all the flour, sugar, and processed foods. Get more nutrients in your diet. Your body will adjust, and will require extra water to detox and convert to ketosis. You will feel better, exercise will be more enjoyable, and you’ll see clearly that you are finally making progress and it will lift your spirits.

When I was on The Primal Blueprint lifestyle (diet and exercise), I didn’t crave the bad foods as much. I walked through an aisle at a grocery store that was filled with cereal, and it really didn’t temp me so much.

Any time I had tried to fast, I always ended up getting a horrible headache that got close to being a migrane. If someone told me to do some sort of extreme diet, I would totally consider the idea crazy, because I did not want to put myself in such pain just to feel defeated afterwards.

I learned that you won’t get a headache transitioning into the diet if you get fat, nutrients, and drink a lot of water.

Fats are okay. It’s best to start the diet and allow yourself to have as much fat as you want in the beginning. You won’t necessarily feel the need to have a bunch of fat later. I got to the point eventually where I was fine with extremely lean grilled fish and veggies with very little butter. Don’t even think about fat as an issue. Have Bacon, eggs, and veggies with cheese in the morning, have two uncured premium hot dogs with a bunch of steamed veggies for lunch, and then have a nice grilled chicken, steak, or fish for dinner with a bunch of steamed veggies as well. Mix it up. Asparagus sometimes, brocolli and cauliflower other times. Zuccini. Use as much butter as you want, with a little salt, or even alfredo sauce.

If you had protein (meat), fat (also in meat/animal products), and vegetables (fiber/nutrients), for your first meal, that will be the best transition to the diet for you. If you feel you need something still, eat more. You don’t have to count or measure. Your bodys natural feeling of needing more, or needing to stop, will kick in. It’s no longer being thrown out of whack, with blood sugar spikes and abysmal dips, so you won’t get a headache from blood sugar irregularity.

You might get a headache from dehydration that you’re unaware of though. I didn’t know it, but my body needs water every time I start on the diet again. If I drink a lot of water, and just ignore the bloating look I get (especially the 2nd chin), it subsides in a day or so and I become leaner looking in the neck than I did before going on the diet. It’s like my body goes into detox mode, and to do this well it needs water…or else I do get a headache.

It was so amazing to find out that I was only experiencing intense cravings for food every 3-4 hours, including sometimes symptoms such as headaches or even shakes, just because of the flour, sugar, and processed foods. Those foods are easily available, long lasting, and addicting, and it seems like this is important for the world to realize. We’ve slowly become part of a system where junk food outlets and the medical system have locked us into a perpetual dependency, which is plummeting our culture into a major imbalance and major dysfunction. Health care costs are up because of the cost of keeping us alive. Our productivity and sense of life, mentally, physically, and spiritually, is down because of how we are poisoning our own bodies. I am so glad that I’ve found a cure, and this movie above is just another two or three examples of how change is possible.

I was on the Primal Blueprint for about 3 months and lost 35 pounds. I’ve been off the Primal Blueprint for over a month now, and I’ve put about 5 pounds back on. I plan on getting myself into the right space where I’m motivated to get myself out of this addiction to junk food (especially bread). I’ve already shopped for groceries which have no flour or sugar. Time to get back on track.

UPDATE: I’ve started to think that the Primal Blueprint, specifically being in a state of ketosis, is a bit extreme and not sustainable. If you’re drastically overweight, and worried about your health, I think it might be good for you But as a lifestyle, I think you should find what works for your body, and try to just apply the principles as closely as you can.

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