Broken Heart = Imbalanced Heart Chakra

I believe I’ve made another breakthrough regarding a condition that plagues me. It seems that I have an imbalanced heart chakra. I can’t find the page I read this from, as I had it pulled up on my phone and can’t find it again, but it mentioned that an imbalance can cause asthma or bronchitis. I recently had bronchitis. An imbalance can also manifest as codependency and controlling behaviors. I’ve experienced this as well in association with a range of feelings such as anxiety in my heart area.

I’ve found that meditation can seem to even me out, and I’ve felt more than normal flow recently in meditation. Grounding myself seems to help. This is so important in finding release so that this condition doesn’t affect my work, so that my personal life doesn’t have to make me like a depressed maniac who isn’t as productive. So that I have more space to learn from my experience, and perhaps keep my heart open instead of feeling like I have to smoke cigarettes, eat food, or any other coping mechanisms to deal with this heart energy.