Inquiry - Part One

“The freedom of experience is the adventure of Being…You can’t experience this wonder, through, if you hold onto a particular identity and frame of reference, if experience continues in its rigid habitual grooves. Wonderment arises when you are open to something that is mysterious, new, and fresh, when your old knowledge is completely suspended for the moment.”

This is what I want. I can somehow tell that my own judgmental stances are keeping me from enjoying my life like I used to. I hear something, and it reminds me of something that embodies trite, old, stale, overdone, etc…I don’t have time for it. There is so much for me to process in this life, I must filter out the shit. So I filter out the crap music…and for good reason…but there are likely many things I throw out…many babies thrown out with the bath water. A song reminds me of Creed, or sanitized adult contemporary crap (Michael Bolton), or…so many lame things… and I can’t listen to it. I stopped listening to songs that were good even, but I didn’t want their influence corrupting my artistic vision of the type of music I wanted to create.

So many experiences ….