The Devil Teaches Us Too

Both the good and the bad teach us the way, if we’re willing to listen.

It seems like the path to what we want is dictated by natural laws. We do not fight or rebel against the law of gravity in this world we find ourselves in, because to do so is futile. There is not some entity that said “And there shall be gravity”, at least we aren’t really sure.

Just the same there are natural laws concerning what will make us happy, joyful, content, passionate, and anything else we are seeking. There countless writings from ancient times which speak of the illusion which we seek in the physical world in which we exist as human beings, manifesting in a way that can be most often categorized into categories of mistakes/sins (7 deadly sins, 9 types of the enneagram). This is something we must explore. We must see how our attempts to gain happiness in the world do not bring lasting satisfaction. We must see how certain habits we form are actually destructive of our bodies, and/or keep us preoccupied in our minds with thoughts and calculations that lead nowhere. This is how the bad also teaches us the way… we just have to be aware. We cannot overcome the bad by will, or more correctly false will and determination, a efforted pushing, but instead by just trying to become more aware.

It seems that if we just become more aware, the ego can be convinced of the futility, and we can hit the dead end sooner.

When the wisdom traditions speak of Gods law, or commandments, or whatever, what if they were really talking about the natural laws of our being, our consciousness, and what must be done to find harmony with the universe, and peace within ourselves. These aren’t commands from some being trying to subvert us, but are actually pointers to actual salvation.

It’s like when your mother tells you not to touch the hot metal coil on the stove. She didn’t tell you to control you, she told you to help you. Okay, not a perfect metaphor, but I hope you get the idea.

The depths of hell teach us “there is no salvation here” just as much as the enthralls of joy teach us “you’re here”.