Survival without Technology


Used without permission by Hometown Seeds

I’ve been thinking of getting more involved in a hobby which I’m motivated to follow and invest my free time and resources into, which is relatively low cost, and that also might help me make contacts in person and online with like minded people. I might even be able to provide a website with resources (starting with this blog post), or even use my existing skills to make a website application specially tailored to compliment this hobby. It might turn into a business. This is what I need.

One of the things that interests me is survivalism. My main strength in this world is my knowledge of technology. Without electricity, and agreed upon methods of communication (i.e. the Internet), my skills are worthless. It’s important that we remember how to do things to meet our own needs, instead of being dependent on this system that currently exists. It’s important that we create a hub of resources that can serve as guides to survival in any horrible scenario that realistically could occur during our lifetimes. I’m not talking about apocalypse, but economic hardship, or civil conflicts, or even natural disasters.

I want to cover topics like sewing (making clothes), agriculture and animal husbandry (making food), finding sources of water (including well drilling), making or finding shelter, etc. etc. I’d even like to cover ways of keeping technology in various ways, such as solar power or minimal fossil fuels. One way I do this right now is by using a motorcycle for transportation. My transportation costs are way down because of this.

I love the spirit of the internet to provide open source software to benefit humanity. Just the same there is a community of engineers contributing their ideas to the open source community, known as Global Village Construction Set.

Global Village Construction Set in 2 Minutes from Open Source Ecology.