Oil Change, Berkeley CA

Today I’ve decided to change the oil in my 2002 Isuzu Rodeo, but I’m wanting to save money. I’ve called around and got these as the estimates for a basic oil change (oil and oil filter). Here is what I found, with the one I decided to go to on top.

Update: 06/20/2010 - The mechanics at this shop might not have plugged the oil pan properly after changing my oil. Someone else told me that they’ve heard of the same thing happening to someone else. My car just kept getting leaking oil, and I’d put more in, instead of taking it in to get it checked out. I figured it couldn’t have been the oil plug. It might both, I’m not sure.

Just a heads up, if your car is low on oil after getting it changed at this place, take it in somewhere and get it checked out. Don’t try to replace the oil…or you’ll end up with a blown head gasket like I did.

Pennzoil Speed Oil Change Center

Pennzoil Speed Oil Change Center - 5225 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA

(510) 985-1010

Price: $ 36.64 (2002 Isuzu Rodeo 4 cylinder, no other taxes or fees)

These guys asked me for my exact year and engine type, and gave me the closest price (not just a rough estimate). I’ve read that they will ask me to signup for extra services that I don’t want, but I can still refuse (or agree if I think I need it). Their price is also lower than any other estimate.

Midas Berkeley - 1835 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley (510) 849-1400

Price: $ 38.90 (typically $31.90, but my car requires more labor to change)

Berkeley Oil Changers - 2246 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, CA 94702

(510) 841-3731

Price: $ 37.40 (didn’t ask what vehicle)

Auto Plus - 575 San Pablo Avenue, Albany, CA

(510) 527-0100

Price: $ 20.00 + oil + filter (estimated approx $45 for Isuzu Rodeo)

Stauder Automotive Service - 5930 College Avenue, Oakland, CA

(510) 658-3070

Price: $ 60.00 (for most Isuzu Rodeos)

Jiffy Lube - 960 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA

(510) 843-3057

No answer to phone call (twice)