Last night in the desperation to record music (because Scott’s Fostex is acting like shit) I emailed Digidesign regarding my lost authorization code needed to install ProTools LE 5.3. Last time I emailed them they said that I was not registered, and they couldn’t help me. So this time I asked them what do I need to do to get the code, even if I have to figure out who I ordered it from. That will be really hard given that I ordered it on Ebay, and Ebay doesn’t list the items you’ve purchased after 60 days.

Well anyway, in desperation I looked for a ProTools key, and I found one for ProTools 6.4. I downloaded it using the key, installed it using the key, and the program started up just fine using my MBox. I can’t wait to get home tonight, install the other plugins, and hook it up at Scotts house to make music.